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Sherwoods VAT Assist

VAT registered customers can get their new van now and pay the VAT equivalent amount later, with the option to purchase the vehicle at
the end of their agreement.

This unique offering from Sherwoods Motor Group can help customers to free-up their cash-flow by deferring the VAT equivalent amount payment to later in the agreement, after the customer has
reclaimed the VAT amount from HMRC. VAT Assist works like a traditional HP loan, the only difference being that the customer will not generally need to pay a deposit (although they can). The equivalent of the VAT due is then taken on the 3rd instalment as part of the payment plan.


 Available on vans only
• Maximum advance of £24,000 (£20,000 advance + £4,000 VAT)
• Maximum terms of 60 months
• Maximum vehicle age at inception is 10 years
• Maximum vehicle mileage at inception is 150,000
• Balloon for VAT equivalent amount due on 3rd instalment
• Admin fees is upfront/spread + £50
• Option fees are variable
• Pause Month is available with this product