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Suzuki Vitara: A Safe & Reliable Car?

13 July 2021 | The Suzuki Vitara SUV is an increasingly popular car – but is it safe and reliable? Explore all the important safety features built into the Vitara.

Suzuki Vitara: A Safe & Reliable Car?

Suzuki Vitara: A Safe & Reliable Car?

Suzuki has long been one of the most popular auto manufacturers in the world, creating leading SUV cars for more than a century. The Suzuki Vitara is one of the most popular options in Suzuki’s range, offering a spacious yet compact hybrid SUV that is packed with features in even the most basic models.

Safety and reliability are hallmarks of Suzuki’s work, but how exactly does the Vitara do to carry on this legacy? Let’s take a look at some of the most important safety features on this popular car, along with some of the elements that make this SUV one of the most reliable on the modern market. We will be focusing on the base model of the Suzuki Vitara, but you can further improve your car with additional features if you want to.

Suzuki Vitara Safety Features

Like any car, the Suzuki Vitara has been designed with safety in mind. This model has repeatedly received excellent marks with organizations like NCAP, and this shows how seriously Suzuki has taken the safety of its customers. But what exactly does this car have to make your driving safer? You can find some of the key safety features of the Vitara in the section below, though it will be worth doing some research to see if any of the car’s other features appeal to you.

Reversing Radar Sensors

Reversing sensors have become very popular in recent years, offering an easy way to make sure that you’re not reversing into something as you drive backwards. This sort of feature is great for car parks, providing you with a clear indication of how close you are to hitting the obstacles around you when you are parking up.

This type of sensor is based on radar. This enables your car to calculate the distance between its bumpers and the objects around you, sounding a warning inside your car when you are getting too close to something. While not quite as easy to use as a rear-facing camera, reversing sensors like this can make your car much safer, especially for pedestrians that are walking near it.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Every car has blind spots thanks to the shape of their bodies, and this can make it hard to pull off tricky manoeuvres without causing damage or injuries to things outside them. Blind-spot monitoring is also ideal for use on busy multi-lane roads, giving you a warning when you’re about to cross lanes when someone else is too close to you.

In the Suzuki Vitara, blind spots are monitored using similar technology to those found in reversing monitors. A small symbol will appear on your wing mirror when you are getting too close to something in your blind spot, giving you a clear warning when you are likely to be heading into an accident. This is ideal when you spend a lot of time on the road and find yourself getting a little too confident.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alerts

Reversing out of parking spaces or around corners can be extremely challenging, but rear cross-traffic alerts are here to help you with this. This type of tool is able to issue a warning when you are reversing into the path of oncoming traffic. This is most useful in busy car parks with limited visibility, but it can also come in handy when you are driving on normal roads.

Acceleration Control

Accidental spikes in acceleration can be extremely dangerous on both busy and quiet roads. Suzuki includes acceleration control to solve this problem, preventing your car from suddenly lurching forwards when you make the wrong move. This feature is great for nervous drivers who often find themselves getting overwhelmed by their car.

Lane Departure Prevention

Driving on large roads with multiple lanes can be extremely dangerous. People often find themselves losing their concentration when they are on roads like this, and this can make it all too easy to drift out of the lane that you are supposed to be driving in. It goes without saying that this could easily cause fatal accidents, but the Vitara’s lane departure prevention is the perfect tool when you’re trying to overcome an issue like this.

Using special sensors that are able to track the road markings for each lane, your car can warn you with a sound and an LED when you are moving between lanes without using your indicators. This is great for those who often forget to use their turn signals, but it can also be a life-saver if you ever find yourself drifting off at the wheel.

Dual Sensor Brake Support

Braking technology has come a long way in recent years, and Suzuki has taken full advantage of this with the Dual Sensor Brake Support in the Vitara. This enables your car to react to the environment around you, applying the brakes when sensors predict an accident on the horizon. This technology has already saved a lot of people from collisions in their cars, and this makes it worth taking it seriously.

Dual Sensor Brake Support works similarly to the auto-focus on your smartphone’s camera. A monocular camera is paired with a laser, enabling the two sensors to calculate the distance between your car and other objects around you. When the sensors detect something coming towards you too quickly, they can apply the brakes and bring your car down to a safe speed or stop it entirely.

Lots Of Airbags

Airbags have been around for a very long time, but they have never been as good as the modern options found on the market. The Suzuki Vitara is packed with airbags, with side and front airbags for those in the front seats, and curtain airbags to protect all of your passengers from glass or other objects entering the vehicle. The driver even has knee airbags in place to prevent their legs from being crushed in a collision.

Many of the airbags in the Vitara can be deactivated, giving you the ability to use child seats safely. Alongside this, modern sensors and equipment are able to predict collisions and prime your airbags before you need them to deploy, lowering the time that it takes for your bags to inflate and be ready to protect you.

As you can see, the Suzuki Vitara is packed to the brim with modern safety features that can make your time on the road far safer. It always makes sense to know what is in place to protect you when you’re driving, as this will give you the confidence to place your children in your car without any worries.

How Reliable Is A Suzuki Vitara?

Having only just been released in 2021, it’s hard to say how reliable the latest Suzuki Vitara will be in the long run. Despite this, many owners of this vehicle report that they are very happy with the reliability of their car, and this can be a very good sign that the vehicle is built to last. Suzuki has a strong reputation for producing reliable cars, and it’s likely that this will carry over into the Vitara, especially as the model matures.

The Vitara’s 1.4-litre hybrid engine is well-built and easy to maintain, and Suzuki has gained a lot of experience designing engines like this having transferred their whole range to electric over the last few years. The weak point of this car is the non-engine electronics, though these parts of the car are easy and affordable to repair.

This car also comes with a range of features that are designed to make it more reliable. An oil change reminder light is a great example of this, providing a simple way to make sure that you don’t damage your car by forgetting to replace your oil.

The three-year/60,000-mile warranty that comes with this car shows that Suzuki is confident in this motor. While this type of warranty is standard on many modern cars, no company would make a promise like this without being able to back it up. This means that your Vitara is likely to run well for a long time, and you will be able to get help if it doesn’t.