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How to Use & Update Citroen’s MyApp

13 July 2021 | What is Citroen MyApp? What can Citroen MyApp do? Discover all you need to know about connecting your phone with your Citroen with Sherwoods Motor Group.

How to Use & Update Citroen’s MyApp

Citroen MyApp How to Use & Update

It’s no secret that modern cars are being equipped with more tech than ever before. Even the lowest-end motors are packed with electronics, giving drivers a far better experience than they used to have behind the wheel.

Like many auto manufacturers, Citroen has developed an app to accompany the technology found inside its cars. As an approved Citroen dealership, Sherwoods Motor Group understands the importance of being able to use tools like this effectively. Let’s take a look at Citroen MyApp to give you an idea of how to use this powerful tool’s most crucial functions.

What Is Citroen MyApp?

Citroen MyApp is a tool that has been developed to enable drivers to get more out of their Citroen car. The application is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it is compatible with all of Citroen’s latest models. The main purpose of the app is to allow drivers to access vehicle information and stay connected to their car, but it can do so much more.

What Can Citroen MyApp Do?

Alongside enabling you to connect your smartphone to your car, Citroen MyApp has been designed to offer an array of impressive features. We’ve gathered some of these features below, but you can also check out Citroen’s website to learn more.

  • GPS: Thanks to the built-in GPS in all of Citroen’s latest cars, MyApp can connect to your car and help you to find it with a handy map. You can also use the app to update your car’s Sat Nav system.
  • Driving: Statistics are saved from each of your journeys, giving you information that can enable you to improve your driving and learn more about the trips you take.
  • Documentation: Your car’s service history, manuals, and other documentation can be found in Citroen MyApp, giving you a digital copy of all of the important documents that come with your car.
  • Remote Control: MyApp can enable you to take control of your car remotely. Not only can you find out about your battery level, but you can also do things like set your cabin temperature remotely.
  • Maintenance & Support: Your app can store information about your vehicle’s maintenance history, along with providing easy access to roadside support.

As you can see, Citroen MyApp is an extremely powerful tool. But how exactly can you use these features once you have the app installed? Let’s take a look at a range of short guides to help you to use your app on the road.

Example of Citroen MyApp on a smartphone with a Citroen parked in the background

Using The “Find My Car” Feature

Anyone who has experienced losing their car in a car park or busy city will be aware of the frustration an issue like this can cause. With modern cars looking increasingly similar to one another, it can be extremely difficult to find your car if you don’t leave it somewhere that you remember. Of course, though, you can’t spend hours searching for the vehicle you’ve lost when this sort of thing happens. 

The Citroen MyApp has been designed to solve this issue, with a built-in “Find My Car” feature enabling you to pinpoint the exact location of your motor without having to search high and low for it. This function uses the GPS in your car and on your phone to bring the two of you together again.


This part of MyApp is incredibly easy to use, with the map with your car’s location coming up as soon as you open the app. The map is detailed and rich with information, making it nice and easy to locate the vehicle that’s eluding you without having to use an awkward system in the process. Because GPS is being used, this function can be used no matter how far you are from your vehicle.

This tool is great for those who find themselves searching for their car on a regular basis, though it can also be good for those who usually know exactly where their vehicle is. Of course, though, it’s worth keeping in mind that GPS can’t understand height, and this means that you may have trouble locating your car in multi-story car parks.

Updating Your Citroen Sat Nav

All of Citroen’s latest cars come with touchscreen consoles that include satellite navigation services. This tool can be an excellent addition to your car, providing you with the ability to get from place to place without having to fumble with the maps on your phone. Of course, though, like any sat-nav system, this will need to be updated from time to time to include the latest maps and changes to roads. 

Citroen MyApp enables you to keep your sat-nav up to date without having to connect to a computer. You can buy new map updates through the app and they will be seamlessly added to the navigation system inside your car. This is a powerful feature, giving you the ability to keep your sat-nav updated no matter where you are in the world. It can also make it possible to buy maps for different regions.

This functionality can also be used to update the software that runs on your touchscreen. This means that you never have to fall behind other road users when it comes to the technology you have access to, while also having the chance to fix bugs and other issues down the line. Of course, though, this will be less frequent than updating your maps.

Maintenance & Assistance with Citroen MyApp

Getting help with your car can be crucial when you find yourself struggling with a breakdown. Most road users will experience something like this at least once in their driving career, but there are loads of ways to make the situation better when you take the right approach. The Citroen MyApp can provide you with the support you need, and this comes in more than one form.

Your app puts you in direct contact with Citroen support. This means that you can easily ask questions about your car, make queries about faulty features, and even request official support with the issues you’re facing. It can be hard to get in contact with a lot of car companies, but Citroen has made it as easy as possible as long as you have the app installed on your smartphone.

Example of Citroen MyApp on a smartphone with a Citroen driving in the background

Alongside being able to contact Citroen support directly, MyApp also enables you to contact roadside assistance without having to make a call or search for a nearby company. This feature is excellent for drivers who struggle when they find themselves under stress, giving you an incredibly easy way to get the support you need.

These sorts of features are usually reserved for the most expensive cars on the market. As an affordable car manufacturer, though, Citroen has worked extremely hard to provide this to all of its customers. Of course, you will still have to pay for your car to be repaired, but you won’t have to do all of the work in the process.

A man using the Citroen Mycar app on his smartphone

Using Citroen MyApp Remote Control

Finally, as the last major feature to look at, it’s time to focus on remote control. Citroen MyApp has been designed with convenience in mind, and this is why you are able to access so much information about your car without having to sit inside. This information can make it easier to plan journeys and improve your driving, all without having to spend a fortune on your car.

While this feature doesn’t allow you to drive your car remotely, it does provide a range of tools that will make life a lot more convenient. You can access all of your car’s documents through your app, along with being able to check your battery level. You can also hunt out your closest public charging points with this app, giving you even more reasons to give it a try when you’re using your car.


Alongside these convenient tools, Citroen MyApp also allows you to control things like cabin temperature without having to set foot in your car. This is incredibly useful to those who want their car to be perfect for them as soon as they open the door, giving you the power to take complete control of your driving experience without having to spend loads of time fiddling with your car before you set off on each journey.

As you can see, Citroen MyApp is a powerful tool that has been packed to the brim with features. Many drivers will be happy to see that Citroen has made this app available for all of their latest cars, and even drivers will older or used vehicles may be able to benefit. This app has been designed with ease in mind, and this makes it perfect for just about any driver.